From the brilliant mind of 26-year-old Entrepreneur Mae Ng, Le Meur Aesthetics was established on May 17, 2021, with the intention of bringing luxury beauty experience closer to the people.

Its youthful founder cited being a client of varied premium beauty destinations in the Philippines during her teenage years. That experience molded into creating a top-notch luxury brand. In these trying times, she also paved the way for a full skin care experience that comes at a very affordable price.

Aside from getting Le Meur Aesthetics vaunted products and services, its serene aura totally gives you a French vibe. Knowing that the majority still couldn’t go far due to travel restrictions, it’s definitely a treat to get a glimpse of that French dream closer to reality.

Driven to take self love into a whole new level, Le Meur is focused on expanding their market from a classic skin care product provider into a Skin Advance innovator through health and beauty services. Bolstered by its advanced world-class technology, Le Meur Aesthetics is tailored to provide services that align with the customer’s needs.

We can help you achieve a skin you can only imagine.


Le Meur Aesthetics yearns to be in the ranks of outstanding world-class beauty destinations. We are immersed into giving our clients an incomparable experience that comes along with the best-quality service. To be a defining figure in the beauty industry through empowering people of all ages.


We aspire to be among the globally competent providers of advanced beauty and skin care services, vested in nurturing self-care as a meaningful way of life.

Le Meur Facials

Le Meur Signature Facial with Anti-Aging and Whitening

Clear Acne Detox Facial

Gold Facial with Diamond Peel

9 in Hydra Skin Master

Glass Skin Facial

LED Facial

Collagen Facial with Casmara Mask

Seaweed Facial

Le Meur Drips

Cinderella Drip

Anti-Aging Drip

Luminous Skin Whitening Drip

Rosy Glow Glutathione Drip

Placenta Drip

Le Meur Scrubs

Sea Salt Body Scrub

Whitening Body Scrub

Le Meur Advance


Le Meur Youth 360

Exilift Face/Body

Hydrabody Skin Master(Luminous Hydrabody Wet & Dry)

Underarm Whitening with Diamond Peel

Picofix Laser

Picofix Englighten

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL Hair Removal)

Carbon Lasers

Le Meur Injectibles


Thread Lift(Fox Eyes)

Lipo Slim Fat Melting Melting Injection